An Impossible Choice by Cindy Cowles

an-impossible-choice-by-cindy-cowlesIn 2100, disfiguring flaws and missing limbs are a thing of the past. Thanks to a controversial procedure known as Bio-Biotic Transfer, doctors can transfer your healthy brain into a perfect clone of your body.

Within a few short minutes, repair bots connect your brain to your new body, and then cycle continuously through your veins, keeping you healthy for a preset amount of time, before letting you pass peacefully, in your sleep.

But something has gone horrifically, unexpectedly wrong. A small percentage of the population can communicate with their repair bots, telepathically – causing them to build newer, improved repair bots; repair bots that can make them stronger, faster, practically immortal. These few have the ability to turn themselves into superheroes…and super villains.

When things take a turn for the worse, Henrietta uncovers one man’s plot to destroy the world as she knows it. Traveling fifty years into the future, she finds nothing but death and destruction…but how do you rid the world of a villain who can’t be killed, who can recover from any wound?

Realizing that her only choice may be to stop the discovery of Bio-Biotic Transfer, changing life as she knows it, and possibly losing people who are like family to her, Henrietta travels to the past to speak with the inventor of the controversial procedure. Can she save her friends and save the world?

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